Exclusive: Beverly Randolph on ‘More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead’

It’s an all too common cliché in Hollywood to say someone doesn’t age. But in the case of Beverly Randolph, it’s a cliché that’s almost impossible to avoid. Return of the Living Dead's leading lady was a mere twenty years old when cast in writer-director Dan O'Bannon's outrageous zombie cult classic. But two and a half decades later, Randolph remains as wide-eyed and lovely as her character Tina, and, as I found out earlier this week, every bit as sweet. I spoke with Randolph about her latest project, executive producing the upcoming definitive Return of the Living Dead documentary, More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead. Set for release later this year, it’s produced by Never Sleep Again's Thommy Hutson, and narrated by Randolph's Living Dead co-star Brian Peck. After the jump, find out what Randolph told me fans can look forward to.

"The website is up already," says Randolph, "just partially, everything’s not there yet. It’s I’m executive producer along with Mikey Perez. Thommy Hutson is producing, and Bill Philputt is directing. It’ll be out in the fall, and we’re just about done. We’re editing now. I’m so excited. It’s so much fun. Brian Peck also did the sets for it. He had some things and he made some things, because he’s just so creative. And he’s actually absconded with a few of the Return of the Living Dead props from way back when that he was able to reuse. His wardrobe is in the documentary. So, yay! It was a lot of fun. We’ve got tons of interviews. I’m just pleased as punch. I didn’t think we’d get so much into it, and we have. So I’m thrilled. I think right now it’s like two and a half hours. And that’s edited. It’s very exciting. And one other thing – we have Dan O’Bannon’s last interview; which is very exciting.”

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